Facebook Lead Ads Mobile Phone Integration

Call your client the moment he clicks your Ad – new FastTony.es feature is waiting for you. Try Facebook Lead Ads Mobile Phone Integration!

Managing a business requires a fast reaction to your customers needs, especially those who are interested in your product in this particular moment. That’s why We, at FastTony.es – a tool for managing ads on Facebook and Instagram – are bringing you a new feature.

Like previous ones, it expands the possibility of advertising on the most popular social networking site in the world. This time, in our mobile FastTony.es app, which is available from February 2016, we have integrated Lead Ads with smartphones.

How does it work? Very simple. Whenever a user clicks on the Lead Ad (acquiring contacts), the accounts administrator will receive a push notification on his or her smartphone.Just one touch of a finger is needed to display the data of the potential client and make a phone call (without having to rewrite the number) or send an e-mail.

¬¬We want the new feature to be available to the widest range of customers – says Daniel Kedzierski, CEO of FastTony.es – We were preparing it primarily for small and medium-sized enterprises, because we believe that this sector will benefit from it the most. Therefore Lead Ads integration, with the phone is already available in the cheapest FastTony.es package.

The new feature is already available for all Android phones. In a couple of days, as soon as the update passes the required App Store procedures, ii will also appear on iOS devices.

Lead Ads Integration Mobile Phone App


Facebook Lead Ads Mobile Phone Integration
Facebook Lead Ads Mobile Phone Integration

Below we show how in a few steps to make the integration of Facebook Lead Mobile App Facebook system through a tool that uses FB API FastTony.es:

  1. To make integration Lead Ads Mobile Phone App , log on to FastTony www.fasttony.
  2. Facebook-Lead-Ads-integration-Mobile-App-1
  3. Go to the Ads Lead Integration Lead Ads Integration .If you’ve done the integration, fanpage you will not see the following slide (section 4).
  4. Turn on the integration fanpage

    Facebook Lead Ads Mobile Phone Integration
  5. The system takes you to a place where there is acceptance of the rules of Facebook (TOS), adds new forms and displays the previous forms with integrations.

  6. If you already have prepared a form Leads Ads Mobile App, if not, see how to prepare the form Lead Ads HERE.

  7. Facebook-Lead-Ads-integration-Mobile-App-3
    Facebook Lead Ads Mobile Phone Integration

  8. Save.

    Facebook Lead Ads Mobile Phone Integration


  9. Ready – from this moment all the Leads of this form will be automatically submitted to ZOHO CRM “Leads”

A person sees your Lead Ads post and reacts to it by clicking.



On your mobile phone you receive a push notification that gives you lead Ads form and an option to call your Lead or send an e-mail.


The new feature is already available for all Android devices. In just a couple of days, as soon as an upgrade passes all the necessary App Store procedures, it will be available on iOS.