Rankings in the form of online voting by using the reaction are an excellent way to diversify your fanpage and engage fans. FastTony.es one of the first available to all customers tool Facebook Post Live Reactions, by means of which an easy way to create your own post from the vote, which in real time will be counted clicks on various emotes reaction.

VIDEO Reactions

How  it’s  working?

Voting is based on streaming Live stream which are counted clicks I like it! and
Super! Set your own image of the product for which your fans will be able to cast
their votes in the rankings,
To use Live Reactions you need to have any package at FastTony.es, and the
program OBS Studio. With it, not only will you benefit from the new feature, but
also create a functional streaming during which there can be a lot of screens,
pages, add background music and camera preview.

Live Interaction 😀 od FastTony.es
Nasze pierwsze animowane demo, jesteśmy z niego dumni
Dajcie znać jak się wam podoba

Opublikowany przez Daniel Kędzierski na 19 listopad 2016

Downloading  and  installing  OBS  Studio

Go  to  the  manufacturer  of  the  program  OBS  Studio  and  download  the  current version.

Click the green Download button OBS Studio, and then select your operating system version.

NOTE: If you are using the Windows versions newer than 7 – version of Windows
7+ will be fully compatible.

After  downloading  and  installing  OBS  Studio  run  on  your  computer.

NOTE: If you have a 64-bit version, but when you start OBS Studio appears this
error run 32-bit version (the program comes in two versions).

Configuring  OBS  Studio for Facebook Post Live Reactions

  1. Go to the File menu and select Settings
  2. Select Image tab and enter a resolution of 1280 × 720
  3. Go to the Output
  4. Change the output mode from Simple to Advanced
  5. Change the encoder x264 for NVENC H264
  6. Select Scale the output image and enter a value of 1280 × 720
  7. Confirm change settings by clicking OK

Publication of the post of Facebook Post Live Reactions


Facebook Post Live Hashes – vote live on your fanpage

Opublikowany przez FastTony.es na 20 listopad 2016

Adding  streaming  FastTony.es

  1. Log on to the panel FastTony.es
  2. Go to the Live stream
  3. Click the red button Go Live!
  4. Select the destination of transmission (eg. Fanpage) and click Next
  5. Complete post transmission typing content
  6. Go to the program OBS Studio
  7. From the File menu, select Settings
  8. Go to the Stream
  9. Change the type of stream to own streaming server
  10. Return to the open window, and copy Go Live Server URL
  11. Paste link in the URL field in the OBS Studio
  12. From the window Go Live! Copy the key streaming and paste it into the key stream in the OBS Studio
  13. Confirm change settings by clicking OK
  14. Click on the Start button Stream
  15. Return to the window Go Live! and wait for the stream to refresh
  16. If everything works correctly, click Live

Configuring transmission – adding sources

  1. The program OBS Studio under the window Scenes click +
  2. You can change the name of the scene, press the OK
  3. Sources at the window image, click the +
  4. From the menu, select Image, you can change the name, press the OK
  5. Select the file on your computer with the background of the vote. The file must
  6. have a resolution of 1280x720px confirm by clicking OK
  7. Again, click on the + and from the menu select Browser Source, you can change
  8. the name. Confirm by clicking OK
  9. Delete URL
  10. In the Width box, type 1280
  11. In the Height field, type 720
  12. In the FPS type 5
  13. Confirm by clicking OK

You can add additional layers, eg. With sound, or the camera window. The more varied the transmission of greater involvement she calls..

Configuration Facebook Post Live Reactions

  1. Go to the fanpage where live has been published
  2. Right-click the date of the publication of a post transmission and copy the link only to this post
  3. In FastTony.es go to the Facebook Post Live reactions
  4. Click backround source, and then select a file with the background for transmission
  5. In the Strem link, paste the URL to post the transmission of copied in point 2
  6. Arrange Icons reaction and label with the number of votes. If you want to keep the precision of use fields with the coordinates of the preview window
  7. Click Save
  8. With the green window, copy the URL
  9. Go to the program OBS Studio and double-click the layer Browser Source
  10. In the URL field, paste the link you copied from FastTony.es in paragraphs 8 and confirm by clicking OK