35 effective advertising opportunities Facebook that you use only with Fast Tony


Stay one step ahead of the competition and the first use Facebook feature that many advertisers would get in a few months.


When others only will learn solutions that you already know masterfully, you start using more new, more precise solutions.

Of course FastTony is also a lot of original solutions that support and optimize advertising campaigns.

It is working FastTony. Do you not believe?

Look at what opportunities we provide now!

  1. Automatic control of prices and indices campaign

Do you want to stop the campaign after reaching the indicators agreed with the customer? You do not have chat in front of the computer and wait to press the pause at the right moment.

FastTony allows you to set advertising in such a way that it will stop automatically when it comes to a certain number of likes, clicks or range.

  1. Automation of budget management

Control your budget with greater precision than ever before. Set the maximum allowable amount as desired by you share, and whenever FastTony notice that your ad begins to exceed it – stop advertising for you or change her way of accounting.

  1. Advertising controlled … the weather.

Do you want your ad to reach people whose headache or advertise umbrella on a rainy day? No problem. Only in FastTony.es set contextual advertising that will be displayed, for example, depending on the pressure, rainfall and temperature..


  1. Use the 5 video clips at the same time – Carousel Video

Use the Carousel Video format to generate go to the page, not only to view the film. With FastTony you can set up to five separate history instead of one, and to each assign one of more than 35 buttons Call to Action.

  1. Collect more leads by Carousel Lead Ads

Show users engaging content and Generate Leads at the same time!

With FastTony and format Carousel Lead Ads set five windows with video and photos in any configuration, mixing them with subscription form. For each of them, select buttons: from simple CTA to Get Direction.

Collecting leads has never been so easy.

  1. Set an ad on any place on the planet

Targeting the interests can be problematic – especially in the B2B model. Better to focus on the fact where your customers are at the moment. The rich district, trade fair center, the conference … set advertising kilometer around the site and see how growing interest in your offer.

Ads will use geolocation with posts and formats of any type (standard from the carousel after the ads lead), and any revenue model (CPC, CPA, like page CPA, CPM, oCPM).


  1. Automatically respond to comments, posts and opinions of the fans.

Define a set of answers to frequently asked questions and problems and forget about having to refresh Facebook several times per hour.

The system will respond in 60 seconds in one of 23 languages, both in the fasting fan page and the ad!

  1. Automatically delete spam

Tired of spam for free recharging, advertising your competition or other annoying content from spammers?

Define unwanted phrases and gain confidence that you will never see them on the board of its brand. The FastTony within 60 seconds analyzes the speech and performs one of three predefined actions:

– Hides a comment

– Delete a comment

– Deletes the comment and blocking user

Bye-bye, spam

9 Lead Ads integration


Integrate advertising on Facebook with external systems that you use. Increase conversion and reach to potential customers when they are most interested in your offer: after this, when it clicked.


Systems e-mail marketing (GetResponse, MailChimp, FreshMail and others)


Let leads with Facebook automatically sent directly to your mailing databases and immediately receive a series of pre-defined messages from autoresponders that previously planned.


Webinars (ClickMeeting, Go To Webinar, ClickWebinar.pl)


Collect records your training and online presentations directly from Facebook Ads through the Lead. A few clicks and you’re done – immediately confirming participation.


SMS systems, for example. Smsapi.pl, PromosSMS.pl, mprofi.pl, infobip.com.pl, adsmser.pl


Send automatically SMS promotional content of any leads from Facebook at any time of their choice. Use one of the many rules that send them, for example, immediately after registration on the webinar or as part of the record, an hour before it starts.



CRM type Salesmanago, ZOHO, Base and other


Put Leads from Facebook directly to your contactors CRMI to your employees immediately able to focus on that to reach it.


Call Center, for example. Thulium, talkdesk.com, focuscontactcenter.pl, freshdesk.com, systell.pl, debesis.pl,

The customer just clicked on your ad? And why not call him and do not present a dedicated offer? In this way you get to it when it is most interested in!


Make sure the system you are using is on the list:

Getreposnse, Freshmmail, Mailchimp, Aweber,Icontact, Glassdoor, ClickWebinar‎, Madmimi, Clieckmeeting, Mailerlite, Campaignmonitor,

G2crowd, Gotomeeting, Hubspot, PromosSMS, Convertkit, Intercom, Bmby, Thulium, Talkdesk, Focuscontactcenter, Freshdesk, Systell, Debesis, Customer, GotoWebinar, Bab, Sendinblue, Adsmser, Getdrip, Getapp, Salesmanago, Totalsend, Verticalresponse, Myemma, ZOHO CRM, Benchmarkemail, Constantcontact, Maropost, SMS API, Klaviyo, Infobip,


Did not find your system? Let us know – we will prepare for you a dedicated integration.


Not using external tools? No problem – collect Leads directly to any e-mail or the entire group. Mail of any new leads will get in a few seconds.


  1. Go to a lead of a dedicated offer e-mail or SMS.


Do you want to fully automatically prepare personalized offers for each of a lead from Facebook? In FastTony possible.

Prepare Lead Ads that asks the user questions about shopping preferences – for example, running shoes – and point it to the site where will be offered only to those interests.

It is not enough? In addition, this same offer will go to him at the mailbox and, once you close the page, SMS. All because, to comfortably be able to make a purchase.

For this, if you want each user after clicking on the ad will be deleted from the target group. This way you avoid hitting a couple of times to people who have already benefited from your offer.


11 Create a video from a series of photos.

Give the dynamics of your images, making them slideshow video with a link to your product and one of more than 35. Buttons CTA. Adjust the campaign in any model for watching video, just for liking fanpage, etc.



  1. Publish dark posts and posts that was advertising on Fanpage


Use created for advertising dark threads of any type (Carousel, lead ads, etc.) and post them on the fanpage keeping all the lessons of likes, comments and shares.

Not only that – published every dark post retains its advertising. This means that you can generate Leads with a range of organic dark posts fasting Lead Ads and do not pay for it!


  1. Enhanced reporting campaign


Generate simple reports for the customer in the form of a PDF or a link with your logo and titles dedicated section. If necessary, edit or delete the selected rate and items prior to publication.


  1. Double opt-in campaigns, lead ads


Collect confirmation records to your database directly from Facebook.


  1. Discover the true power Lookalike Audiences.


Facebook allows you to create Lookalike audiences only on the basis of data from the Custom Audiences. With FastTony create Lookalike Audiences based on:

  1. a) the remarketing pixel
  2. b) pixel conversion
  3. c) fans fanpage
  4. d) the activity in relation to the advertising and / or campaign
  5. e) customer data (phone, e-mail, etc.)
  6. f) people who watched the specific video
  7. Ad Format home page.


The user will see for sure your ad if you will display as a second post in newsfeeds, and the right column. Such a seat reservation is possible in FastTony and billed per thousand impressions.


Be the first thing your customer will see on Facebook!



  1. Flash.


Use Flash to give your potential customers the opportunity to interact unheard of anywhere else.


Show games and applications directly in posts and commercials. From now, customers can take a virtual walk or browse the product catalog in the form of books directly on your table.



  1. Photo Editor.

Edit photos, add filters and frames, change colors and texts directly in the integrated, intuitive and easy-to-use panel FastTony.es – in addition to the built-in photo library!


  1. Promote albums.


Photo albums generate high engagement, which reduces the cost of getting increasing coverage. Why not promote them as much as posts? In FastTony it is possible.




  1. Carousel panoramic.


Create automated and efficient posts panoramic. Just upload a photo, and the system will divide into parts and keep a place on the frame so that they looked perfectly.

To every part of the photo, you can add one of 35. Call To Action!


  1. 17 options settlement campaign


Create unique billing systems produced, for their own use models-in hybrids based on the API.




  1. Change in the method of accounting in real time.

Are you dissatisfied with the results of the campaign in a specific revenue model? Change it with one click, for example, from CPC to CPA or CPM.

End of stopping the campaign and releasing it again, which lowers the CTR. In FastTony you can settle this in a few moments without compromising the results of the campaign.


  1. Plug the WP, WP remarketing


Rather than bother with codes remarketing manually start it without programming knowledge through plugins and plugins that will guide you through the process step by step.


  1. POWER applications Top Fans.

Meet your biggest fans on the profile and reward the most active users! Our application collects data not only from the fanpage, but all are playing your advertising and archives data from the entire period and all formats posts since installation.


  1. Automatic promotion posts to specific groups.

Do you already know what the target group brings you the most profit? Define the automatic promotion of your posts just to that part of your community.

  1. SMS notifications about key events.

Facebook Moderation is time consuming. And so if you receive an SMS every time someone on your fanpage uses a particular word or phrase that you are interested in (for example, “Where can I buy” or “When will it be available?” )

Well do you guessed it – we have such a function.


  1. As many as 35 buttons CTA!

Standard solutions Facebook you are not enough? Check out our extended version of keys Call To Action, including porevoius dedicated to particular types of businesses, such as “Add to Cart” or “Sell now”.

Here are some of our buttons:

  • Buy tickets
  • Donate now
  • Instal free App,
  • Apply Now
  • Order Now
  • Add to Card
  • Create You Own
  • Contact Us
  • Sent Message
  • Sell Now
  • Record Now
  • Call Now
  • Fee Call
  • Install App
  • Use App
  • Upgrade App
  • And many others



Find new fans only in the operation of your business


Build a community of people around your business. Set the advertising area of one kilometer around your seat and pay only for the likes profile while you can use a whole series of engaging formats: standard, flash post, Carousel, carousel video, text, photo, gallery and more.



  1. Local Awareness in the post-type carousel format


Follow clients not to one, but several branches of your business! Take advantage of advertising Local Awareness format Carousel and inform the proposed acquirer of multiple locations at the same time – let alone decide where his comfortable ride.


Carousel Post format may lead to a different location separate buttons CTA Get Direction.


Help your local customers to make the right purchasing decisions and find you

With FastTony you can create a post carousel format with several locations and each window leads to another point of shopping by CTA Get direction (Directions)

You can also use the Carousel format for the presentation of the various elements of your offer, and directions to see only the last part.



  1. Do you want dynamic remarketing DPA? – It’s great!


Automatically show users advertising products, who viewed your page. Our system will automatically download their photographs and descriptions and present a visually attractive form.


  1. Legal upload personal data to Facebook

Create Custom Audiences without worrying about legal aspects. Our system does not transmit your personal data to another country, even if you create a group of recipients based on e-mail addresses or phone numbers.


  1. 9 fields on the Custom Audience


When creating lists CA you can provide more data than just e-mail – so Facebook can better recognize your account and match them to the objectives of your campaign.


  1. Unlimited length of the text in the ad.

Facebook? 90 characters and no more dots.

FastTony.es? Any length + sets enhance the effectiveness of graphic symbols!


  1. Split test


Facebook shows the different versions of your ad to the same customers. FastTony splits your target audience into smaller and serves them unique creations – thus driving the actual A / B and you are able to pick out the most effective version of the ad.

Or maybe do you want to check that the revenue model is the most cost-effective when given parameters? Promote a post in several ways in different models, for example. CPC, CPA and CPM. FastTony each version will show you another part of the target group, and you’ll set the most advantageous option.


This is only part of the possibilities FastTony. We are constantly introducing new opportunities and formats. Think about the effect you get when you will use not available to other advertising options. Write to us and we will help you configure it!