What do WE as FastTony have to offer your business?

  • Facebook Ads training – basic advertising / graphic formats, billing methods, creating Ads using Ads Manager and Power Editor tools.
  • Introduction to advertising and getting familiar with Facebook ecosystem – we teach about custom audience, using remarketing pixel and conversion, how to install pixel on a website and how to optimize Facebook campaigns using available tools and advertising formats.
  • Flexible targeting – advanced tool for creating groups of advert recipients when you want to target only a group of people who share interests and behaviours.
  • Cpa – it is a billing method in Facebook advertising. The advertiser gets charged only for specific actions (right now the actions are: transfer to a website, watching a video for 10 seconds, fanpage like).
  • Pixel – we help you generate and install a special tracking code that helps with re-marketing and  counting conversion on website.
  • MPA – Ad post format (carousel format) that uses interactive form of promotion with use of multiple images in one advertising post together with 25 CTA buttons.
  • Custom location* – it is a geotargetting system thanks to which you can narrow the area where your ad is going to be displayed. The area is a circle with 1 to 80 km radius. Advert campaigns are billed in CPC, CPA, CPM and oCPM formats.
  • Local awareness* –  It is an advert for local and small businesses. It helps  you transfer the traffic from the Internet to stationary trading and service places. The advert uses CTA buttons:
  • Get Direction – it takes the user to an interactive map that helps him reach the stationary trading place.
  • Call Now – it lets customers make a phonecall from Facebook level and reach the shop of service. 

The geotargetting mechanism is the same as for custom location.

  • DPA – it is an advanced tool, which, as a result of integration with CMS of a website, automatically promotes products that a customer was interested in while browsing your website.

For us no small business is too small. It doesn’t matter whtether you run a grocery store, hairdresser’s, service station or any other service or medical institution. We support your business with every step you take.

Starting with training, advertising and communication methods up to implementation and integration.

* Local awareness is currently available in the US, Brazil, Canada, Australia, Germany, Italy, United Kingdom, France, and Spain only. 

Creating local awareness ads targeting areas outside of the US will result in unreliable delivery of local awareness ads and is 

not recommended at this time.