Recenlty the most fashionable topic is Facebook LIVE. More and more entrepreneurs, agencies and large organizations see the potential for both sales and image building for their product or company as a whole. Yes it’s true! Below I have described twelve elements that will help you to harness the full arsenal of opportunities to reach your message as widely as possible.

1. Plan your Facebook LIVE

Attending an audience that will be responsive to published content is extremely important. Recall how it was when you threw your first post on the fanpage. The first post in the history of this fanpage. Zero fans, zero range … start of the road. You have to go through the same path with your audience and you need to connect with them to push the “Notify live broadcast” button (the equivalent of “Like It” on fanpage) and join your audience.
The first step is to schedule the transmission. The easiest way is to go to the fanpage, then click in the top bar “Publish Tools”, then to the left of the “Movie Collection” and the last step is to click the button at the top of the “+ Live” (photo. 1).

Photo. 1 Preparing live broadcasts on Facebook

The second step is to dedicate the content that appears over the broadcast (“What you hear”), title, and tags. WARNING! Tags are very important for two reasons. First, I noticed that they suggested to Facebook what the material and organic distribution was for the people who were interested in the topic tags. Secondly, it allows the searcher to search for a particular topic by searching for it through the Facebook search engine so that when he applies the trending tag, you have the chance to significantly increase the reach and volume of your content even after the live broadcast. (photo. 2).

How to Use Facebook Live From Your Desktop

Photo. 2 Configure LIVE posts

The last step left us. Schedule live broadcast time. When planning your broadcast you must remember about:

  • jak zrobić facebook live poradaThe transmission can be scheduled for up to 7 days in advance
  • The transmission can be scheduled with a minimum of 10 minutes in advance
  • Adjust the broadcast time to the hours when your fans (for fanpage) or your friends and followers (for your private profile) are most active. In the case of a fanpage, it is very easy to find these hours, just go to the Statistics section of the site and find “Activity on posts” there. Note to change the scope of analysis to 28 days, as the default setting is 7 days. Expanding the scope will allow you to look more deeply at the engagement and the hours in which the most common interactions occur. For private accounts, this requires more work and involves observing your messenger in your browser. I’m explaining step by step. In the messenger list (the one in Facebook) you have the default sorting that shows up at the top of the people who are now available and at which you most often enter and interact. If you scroll below you will find “MORE CONTACT (494)”. The number indicates how many of your friends are online at the moment. After a few days of observation you will have accurate data when you are most numerous.


2. Promote LIVE broadcast preview

Since we already have a post with live broadcast, it would be worthwhile to get this information as widely as possible. Currently Facebook directly from the Ads Manager and Power Editor (FB Campaign Builder) does not natively support this feature. However, we are not condemned to passively await the audience. Promote a post in which you will be able to broadcast LIVE by:

jak zrobić facebook live porady jak udostępnić

  • Photo. 3. Share your planned LIVE Create an event on Facebook and invite fans and potential recipients through organic reach and advertising campaigns.
  • Creates a post that redirects recipients to this post with the intended transmission. If you are planning to support reach and engage with the campaign then you can link to this post first by shortening one of the available link shortcuts. Thanks to that, in the text section, the post is better presented and campaigns can be conducted in the “for web page”
  • Send a newsletter to your base. It’s important to send it early enough to schedule a ride, but it’s not too early to forget about it. Good practice is 1-2 days in advance.
  • You can also invite them directly to the broadcast via SMS. However, this contact model should not be abused because recipients treat it as very personal and may feel uncomfortable getting too much SMS. I am using this solution and I practice sending a notification / reminder for a few seconds before the broadcast starts. SMS VOICE has also been received very well (calling the customer and playing the previously recorded call), which, as a service, provides us with an SMSAPI.
  • It is also good to make announcements on other social networks such as Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, etc.
  • Those who represent their own project or those who will participate in the broadcast are encouraged to share this information on their private profiles. Often our engaged friends are the start of a snowball that will cause avalanche interaction and increase the number of viewers.
  • It is also worth to invite others who will not only contribute merit to the broadcast, but will also support it with their commitment and image. This type of behavior among YouTubers is quite popular and is called “cross promotion”.
  • Last, but very effective way is to make the announcement on topic related groups. It is also good to ask someone to resubmit this post for a few seconds before broadcast. Thanks to this we will gain additional viewers. However, in this case, we need to count on the hate of the group that thinks it is spam and consequently it can lead to ban.
  • Let’s remember that whatever the form of promotion we choose – our goal is for our recipients to click on the “Receive Notifications” button in our scheduled broadcast. This means that 10 minutes before the scheduled broadcast they will be notified of the upcoming launch and there is a good chance they will join the audience. Obviously it requires work and commitment and a lot of time, so many companies are looking for a solution that automates the whole process. Many companies in the world are responding to this market demand, including our Polish startup, which will announce live automation in the first half of August.



3. Choose the form of Facebook LIVE – be on time, set trends

Excellently! You have shared your LIVE in many places. Good job! Now you have to take the technical aspects of broadcasting. It is obvious that you need a good internet connection for this. Stable LTE “gives you the advice” but sometimes the picture quality is worse, so plan to broadcast from where you have access to a fixed and fast connection. Another important element in transmission planning is the choice of software that can be used. Below I will list the three most popular solutions in Poland and discuss their advantages and disadvantages.

Transmission directly through the fanpage.

The solution offered by Facebook both by mobile phones and through a browser.


  • Easy to use
  • Available for mobile users
  • The ability to broadcast from two phones that are in different locations and connect to one broadcast
  • Transmitting from a camera connected to a computer does not require any additional software


  • The browser version is not stable


Transmission based on OBS software (Open Broadcaster Software).

A free solution that can be downloaded to your computer. Software available for operating systems: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, OS X 10.9 or higher, and Ubuntu 14.04 and later.


  • Support for multiple cameras that are connected to a computer
  • Support for multiple shots and scenes (one click can change the shot)
  • Ability to broadcast previously recorded video as a LIVE broadcast
  • Ability to broadcast what’s underneath the embedded URL
  • Desktop broadcast capability
  • Ability to broadcast video from the game
  • Ability to save the recording on disk


  • Big load on your computer (on weaker computers you lose quality)
  • Sometimes no sound + image sync (weaker computers)
  • Software installation required
  • Complicated (moderation) service


Transmissions using Facebook API-based solutions.

In this case, some of the tools are also based on OBS, but PRO versions offer full browser support.


  • No software installed on your computer
  • The ability to freely configure scenes – all depends on the creativity of the creators of the tool
  • Friendly UX and Design
  • Easily implement competitions, name beams, etc.
  • Targeting who displays LIVE content. Targeting includes (state, region, city, zip code, language, age and gender)
  • Copyright management for monitoring and protection.
  • Creating a branded video (with product placement) and publishing with other fanpage
  • Moderation of comments during LIVE
  • Counting interaction and interaction types during LIVE – often used in voting
  • Ability to control external devices (eg. Christmas tree lights)


  • Paid tools

In addition, there are solutions that support the creation or transmission of many different platforms, such as YouTube, Twitch, Mixer, etc. Interested people would recommend visiting sites such as Xsplit and Wirecast, however, they must count on the cost of $ 199 to $ 995!

4. Popular types of broadcasts LIVE

The transmission itself is not enough today to impress the recipient and get him to interact. Fortunately, Facebook does not stand in place, and companies that develop their own solutions based on its platform. Below are some examples of such implementation:

  • Live with several cameras at once
  • Live from a static or looped image
  • Use of reaction as a voting element. Please note that Facebook has created a special page where they publish up-to-date information on how to use and how not to use emoticons. I note that the current, because they have been changed many times. The table below shows guidelines for 28.07.2017


Allowed & Not allowed 

facebook live term and conditions facebook community standards


  • WARNING this solution violates the Facebook guidelines (Facebook Policy, section 19.4), which reads in its original form: „Don’t use the API to publish only images (ex: don’t publish static, animated, or looping images), or to live-stream polls associated with unmoving or ambient broadcasts.”
  • LIVE with interactions. The above table clearly defines how an ikon can not be used. The most common mistake is emoticon animation and wrong emoticon emoticon assignment in poll.
  • LIVE voting comments . A solution that allows the receiver to be much more engaged and thus increase the memorability of the product or service after transmission. Voting comments are based on a poll in which the viewers comment or alternatively comments in the form of a hashtag vote. A properly written application allows one participant to cast only one valid voice.
  • LIVE searching for answers. During the transmission, the manager asks the question eg How much money is in the safe no. 5? And it asks the person to type the correct number in the comments. The system checks each answer and automatically displays the correct answer on the screen so far. Thanks to this the viewers do not know which is the correct answer only how many have fallen so far and the fun continues. Thanks to this mechanism one person can write many comments and each one increases the potential transmission range.
  • LIVE from many phones. Feature available in first deployment phase for iPhone users only. The person running the broadcast has the option of inviting another person to the broadcast, and thus the image can be viewed on two screens at the same time.
  • Questions and answers. One of the most engaging and at the same time demanding the greatest commitment on the part of creators of ways to make LIVE material. This involves placing selected comments on the video material during its duration. Thanks to that, we can answer questions that fall. Of course there is the risk that we will hit some troll who will comment on our live. However, companies designing such tools provide the appropriate panel for moderating comments.
    There are three main advantages of this solution:

    1. If someone hits the live on his newsfeed, he automatically plays without sound. Thanks to the question displayed on the video the creator does not have to rely exclusively on his recognition. The receiver seeing the question may be interested and join the broadcast.
    2. Even if someone joined the broadcast it does not always immediately know what exactly is being discussed at the moment. Thanks to the questions, the comments that appear on the screen is getting up to speed quickly because it understands the context of the speech.
    3. I do not know if you know such a TV program as “Contact Glass”, so I’ll try to give it to you gently. During the discussion, two people at the bottom of the screen will see comments from people who sent it via SMS (of course, paid). The mechanism itself is very simple, but let’s talk about the reactions of those people whose comments have been moderated and displayed on the screen. People are happy! They upload photos with their comments on their private boards, etc. They also behave during the LIVE broadcast on Facebook. There is another good way to increase reach and engagement.
      IMPORTANT: Please note that LIVE on mobile phones does not display a post description, so we can not refer to it on the mobile. In addition, Facebook blocked in the comments (for broadcast time) the ability to publish the link (while the transmission is text without the possibility of a clicks).

An example of such a transmission:

Daniel Kędzierski live with Monika Czaplicka

Photo. 4. On the photo Monika Czaplicka (Wobuzz), Piotr Kosek (Astrophase), Daniel Kędzierski ( during LIVE with dynamically inserted comments from the posts on the broadcast.

6. Image format for Facebook LIVE broadcast

If you are planning your broadcast, you should also ensure that it is displayed properly on both your desktop computer and your mobile phone. Pay attention to how well Gary Vaynerchuk made work on that, not only to create the material so that it is tailored to many media, it also added above and below the elements that provide information on the context of the whole speech. Users join in the course of the transmission, they join at different times, but thanks to this graphic treatment they immediately understand what the material is. This also allows you to attract new viewers, because they see on their boards a silenced picture but they can read about what the discussion is.

Gary Vaynerchuk facebook live

Photo. 5. Gary Vaynerchuk during LIVE. Source: www.

Of course this is not all. Facebook itself very well understands that video content to be well-consumed should be translated into the languages ​​of the entire community that uses the Facebook ecosystem. That is why in June of this year, API provided the ability to dynamically add captions during transmission. This is a great solution for companies that want to show their product globally, such as the launch of a new phone, a car, etc. The diagram below shows a simplified model for automatic captioning.

Facebook live tool stream pc with subtitles

Photo. 6. Scheme for adding subtitles during lIVE transmission

7. Promote live broadcasts

The good news for businesses and agencies is that Facebook is slowly turning on the possibility of promoting a broadcast during its duration. For now, this feature is reserved for verified fanpage only. How to do it? It is simple We plan to broadcast, prepare a campaign using this scheduled transmission, select the optimization method (Facebook recommends: Video Views, Brand Awareness and Post Engagement), the target audience and mark “accelerated ad display.” Facebook suggests that the campaign quickly reach its reach by using a large target audience and set a high per-action rate. I’ve tested this solution on and noticed:

  1. The cost of live broadcast advertising is much higher Than the video ad. Below are the results of two campaigns. The first cost for viewing is 0.18 – 0.19 PLN and in the second more matched group is 0.08 – 0.09 PLN

How to promote faceboo live by facebook ads

Photo. 7. Results of the LIVE post advertising campaign (Ads Manager tool)

2. With a large target group (350,000 people) But for the less interested audience, the cost of displaying the video was twice as high as the 35,000 group, but highly profiled (target group members, available at
How to promote faceboo live

Photo. 8. The impact of matching the post audience of a LIVE post campaign to costs

8. Allow viewers to broadcast during the broadcast

Your LIVE should delight and entice your users. Encourage comments and sharing of your content with others. How to achieve this? It is very easy. Give your viewers the ability to post comments directly on the broadcast. Each comment is an additional free range, use it! Usage examples:

  • Take advantage of opportunities and organize actions to make wishes or greetings, such as Women’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, etc.
  • Have interviews, podcasts and even “questions and answers” sessions answering questions that appear directly on live broadcasts.
  • Your potential customers browsing your Facebook are more likely to join your LIVE because they know what they are because they see the question on the video.
  • The security and good name of your business is specially prepared to modernize your comments panel.
  • Viewing broadcast comments increases average viewing time by as much as 300% and up to 800% coverage.

facebook live best practices

Photo. 9. Facebook LIVE with comments

9. Increase coverage by voting

One of the most important challenges facing the creators of the recipient is keeping the attention. Users are accustomed to fast consumption of content, very quickly discouraged, or pursue something else in search of new stimuli. One of the best solutions that keep your attention is voting or surveys. Thanks to them, we can not only engage the users and encourage them to interact more deeply, not just passively watching. In addition, some users will want to go to the end to see the result. In my experience, such a treatment can extend LIVE’s live viewing time by up to 300%

  • Vote using comments and use automatic counting to show live voting results.
  • Do you run a contest? Have you asked a question? Use counts for correct and incorrect answers.
  • There is no such thing as a way to influence a company’s life. Make a LIVE questionnaire asking you to change the menu, offer or ask for what product to do extra promotion.

facebook live best practices - be live with your fans with comments

Photo. 10. Facebook LIVE with voting and poll

10. Donations during Facebook LIVE

Fundraising through micro donations is a fairly common business model for both YouTubers and other creators. Facebook has developed this market piece. It now allows NGOs (public benefit) organizations to organize collections using their social platform. The example below is probably one of the first such rebounds. Bil Gates led himself to Roger Federer Charitable Fund Inc.

How to Use Facebook Live with donation or facebook donations during live and live donactions

Photo. 11. Bill Gates collects money through Facebook

For fanpage and personal accounts, has developed its own solution with the following features:

  • Donations can be made via a credit / debit card or via Paypal..
  • Each time the fee is displayed as a confirmation on LIVE material.
  • Each payee has the ability to personalize his or her message, which will appear on the broadcast (logo, avatar, content).
  • Information about the richest donor is displayed on the screen until someone else donates more money, thereby encouraging more generous observers.

facebook live with donation and paypal

Photo. 12. Donation for fanpage, profiles, gamers and other video creators

11. Build your email marketing database with the help of Facebook LIVE

Your broadcasts will help you expand your e-mail or contact database. How? Two mechanisms can be used for this:

  • Integration with the email marketing tool on FreshMail. The author’s role is to encourage you to write an email address in the comment, and it will be automatically deleted or hidden. However, before this happens it is copied and uploaded by the API to FreshMail and will be added to your subscribers list.
  • Integration with Bot in Messenger. Define a keyword if your message falls under the comment that the person who wrote it will receive a message coming in a private messenger in a messenger with a pre-scheduled message or a download file.
  • All you have to do is to integrate the passive viewer into your sales funnel, automatically send the message, show the product, and finally offer an offer that will benefit you.

facebook live and lead generations

Photo. 13. Get leads using Facebook LIVE

12. Once you start …

Every live programmer feels stage fright. Some larger smaller ones. It depends on how stressful you are. To master this I recommend repeatedly repeating everything aloud. I will use my example. When in 2015 I was appointed a person to go on stage for 300 people and present there for the first time our system was scared. To master this, I spat out my speech over 100 times. I knew them by heart and could quote from the head on the tracks. It allowed me to be free (ha! Now it looks so easy – because well enough to be free) to tell about this solution. Below are some tips that may be of interest to both beginner and experienced creator.

  • Be natural – LIVE is the best way to instead show how “cool” is your product you can show it.
  • Sometimes something will not come out. Do not worry about it, very rarely happens that the transmission goes perfectly. Even if something does not go out sometimes it is worth showing it, this naturalness and openness can very help to win the audience together.
  • Control your voice do not approach the microphone rapidly or swarm in front of it.
  • Remember that you can work on multiple scenes and use it. Do not forget, however, switch from webcam to desktop broadcasts when you want to show something from your computer’s resources.
  • Encourage comments. This increases the range. You can ask questions:
    • Can you hear me, please write in the comments.
    • I see that there are so many of us from which cities you come?
    • In Gdynia is raining, how about weather in your cities?
    • Best regards to Cris, Sabrine (sample names) and all of you if you want to greet someone now, please post a greeting in the comment and I will place them on LIVE stuff using my “secret comment control panel”.
  • Ask to subscribe to “your broadcast notifications”.
  • Remember that if you are happy with what you say or when you are having fun, let them share this material with your friends and share it. Emphasize that they have the same record on their boards at the same time, if they want to return.
  • They which watch on the mobile phone to recommend to invite in the application of their friends.
  • Maintain a great commitment, but after about 20 minutes you have to dynamically raise the atmosphere.
  • Summarize what you have been talking about for a while so that you can use the material you have recently joined


13. Advice at the end

Don’t wait! Rób LIVE! I would love to see you and write a comment underneath it to make the reaches grow.