How to target Facebook group members

The following article is divided into two parts:

  • A step-by-step guide how to create campaigns for group members (creating a Post and discussing advanced features and campaigns)
  • 9 best interesting ways to build your Facebook group fast.

First step: Introduction and registration

 This solution is available to anyone using the, which is included in any commercial package. If you do not have a FastTony account then the video below shows step by step how to properly sign up and set up your account. If you already have an account then go to the next step.

Step 2. Create a post that you will want to advertise.

To create a post in the go to the “Add post” tab, select one of the 17 types of posts that you create by this tool. For the purpose of this tutorial we will show you how to do it by standard post “Standard Post” (large rectangular photo in 1200 x 628 resolution, which when clicked, moves to the indicated web address). If you have trouble finding the bookmark, click “Create Post”.

Tworzenie posta na facebook

After going to the “Standard Post” tab to create the post we have to complete all the elements of the post.

  • “Private description” – this is a description that will help you search for a post when you want to go back to it. Often it is also used as a hint on what was the purpose of this post. Our customers often also use there destination eg Advertising to men 24-35 Gdynia interested: BMW cars
  • “Text” – Here you enter a promotional text that encourages the user to review the offer or content on the ad’s landing page. It is good practice to use emoticons because they attract attention and some of them are well used, for example, the arrows point at specific elements and emphasize their meaning. In the text section you can also put a link to the website.
  • “Icons” – available emoticon that easily (when clicked) can be used in promotional text. If you need them more then I invite you to the article Emoticon List on Facebook.
  • “Name” – here you enter the title of the ad, it is extremely important because it is the only one has enlarged font thanks to it catches the viewer’s eyes.
  • “Description” – here we write an additional description, remember that this description is only displayed when the post can be seen on the desktop and only on the main board. If this post is advertised and the ad placement will be: right column, mobile or Instagram this description will not be visible.

On the right side of the screen is a preview of the post, which in real-time shows how the user’s changes affect the creative. helps to create multiple versions of posts, each green square to add another version of the text. The system will then create all possible combinations. It is possible to add additional versions for: text, name, description, image, CTA button. This solution is perfect for split test creatives and AB tests.

Jak stworzyć post na facebook krok 1

Step 3. Graphic selection has a built-in cropping system (Crop photo) that is enabled by default. It allows you to fit the photo to the standard graphic dimensions that Facebook requires. If you have prepared a graphic at 1200 x 628, we recommend turning off this feature. To upload a photo to the post you are creating, go to the “Image” section, click the “Select post image” button and select the graphic you want to use.

Then in the “Link” section enter the address of the page to which this post is directed. This section also features the “Magic Link” feature that allows you to save in the “Custom Audience Group” all the people who clicked on the link from this post. This way, we can target only those who clicked on this post. This advanced solution also allows remarketing of people who clicked on this post to go to the destination of the MIMO target, THAT THIS WEBSITE DO NOT HAVE A PIXEL FROM A Facebook OR it is not linked to your advertising account.

The “Google Analytics Link” feature makes it easy to tag a link to effectively measure its performance in Google Analytics and similar tools.

The next step is to choose the type of post.

  • Dark Post – This is a kind of post that is primarily intended as an advertisement. It is not published on the fanpage and is not visible to the fans and therefore after publication it has no organic coverage. Often used as a preview of the actual post and link to it sent to the client to approve the creative and the content.
  • Normal post – post that is immediately visible on the fanpage.
  • Scheduled post – post that will be published on a fanpage within the specified time frame.
  • Backdated post – post that you can post with back date. Usually used when for some reason the given information or post was not published on time.
  • Advanced – advertising post that allows you to change descriptions and even graphics in the ad.

Jak stworzyć post na facebook krok 2

Step 4. Select Call Button (CTA) 

CTA button called. Call to action is a very important element of any post that aims to redirect a user to a website. I will mention only that the CTA sections themselves affect the way the post distribution is organic and paid. At we know how great the advantage they provide the appropriate CTA buttons so our team attaches great attention to the constant development of this department. As a result, there are nearly 40 buttons in the standard post and about 60 in the others.

IMPORTANT: Buttons are automatically translated into the language in which the recipient browses Facebook.

Jak stworzyć post na facebook krok 3How to create a post on Facebook 2

Step 5. Save the settings

If all we have completed all the data then we save the post. Once saved, you will see a green background with a link. The link can be clicked and leads to the created post. There is also a “Make Ad” button that automatically moves to the created campaign, which aims to increase the site’s traffic in the billing model for every website visit. However, for training purposes, I will show another way that is universal because it allows you to significantly shorten the time when we want one creative to advertise to multiple target groups.

IMPORTANT NOTE: There are three sections in the top bar: Facebook fanapge, advertising account, Instagram account. If you want to post this post on several fanpages in this form or with changes then you can save the post and then change in the upper bar on another fanpage, Post eg replace a photo, or piece of text and save again. Changing to another fanpage does not cause the lost data to be lost.

Jak stworzyć post na facebook krok 4

Step 6. Create an ad for the group members based on the post

In the right column we find the “Advertisment” tab and then we go to “Based on Post”. We go to the list of posts that are on a given fanpage, with each post we have information what this post and the blue buttons that you choose the way of accounting campaign:

  • CPA (link cliks) – a campaign model that aims to increase traffic on the site. Campaigns accounted for in the “for each transition” model.
  • CPC (engagement) – A campaign model that aims to increase engagement with post and the amount of interaction that users perform with respect to. Campaigns accounted for in the model “for each interaction with the post.
  • CPM (link cliks) – a campaign model designed to suspend traffic on a page, but in a billing model for every 1000 impressions with a maximum clickthrough rate. Campaigns settled in the “fixed CPM” model.
  • Advanced – This is an advanced way to optimize your campaign and display it based on the Facebook API. Based on 3 parameters: “Objective”, “Goal Goal” and “Billing event”, the user selects the parameters and method of accounting for Facebook.
  • Local Awarenes – a campaign model that applies to posts that use CTA buttons such as Call Now, Send Message, or Get Diresction.

For this guide we choose CPA (link cliks)

Targetowanie człoknów grup na Facebook

Step 7. Select target audience for the campaign – targeting group members on Facebook

from this step it will take only 30 more seconds to finish your campaign. Congrats you almost done.First go to the “Audience” section, find “Groups” and enter the name of the group to which you want to target. Groups can enter several. If you do not find the group you are looking for, make sure you are an admin and the group is OPEN. Currently, group members targeting is available ONLY for their administrators, so do not wait because you only have two options. The first to quickly get along with some admin to give you also admin and the other to set up your group (this solution I recommend). Do not be scared, the group is not a fanpage you do not have to throw in the content every day, its members will do it for you. Here are some ways to quickly build an active Facebook group.

Targetowanie członków grup na Facebook targetowanie grup

How to build in fast way a group on Facebook?

# 1 Use popular name – a popular name that is often entered into the Facebook search engine will provide you with additional traffic and influx of new members. The names can be associated with the place eg “Gdynia is a superhero” and simply typing the word Gdynia gives a good position to increase traffic on the group. Another way is to use a name that is catchy and use it as a comment on other fanpage themes and groups by commenting at the same time as the sign: eg “@my over 40 and riding a motorcycle, i love it”

#2 Inviting your friends – Inviting friends is a quick way to get first members, however, and this is IMPORTANT – just invite those who may be interested in this topic. It is especially important for your relationship with your friends and that even if you become a member and do not write out of this group, participation in your target group in the campaign is a waste of money.

# 3 Write a post on the group to welcome people – each comment is thanks to the FB notifications potentially greater reach of your group and hence the chance for new members. Encourage the members to say hello and at the same time they help you to break the ice and give you a chance to have an interesting discussion. In addition, each next comment is a reminder of what they have commented on so far.

# 4 Encourage your friends to invite – a recommendation system and direct invitations are some of the best ways to collect an active and engaged group that is thematically related to the group topic.

# 5 Create a post describing a need – there are many companies or individuals who are authority in their field. For example, ask the question: Which is the best mailing system like FreshMail, GetResponse, MailChimp and so on. In this post mark the fanpage,also make sure other members mark their friends when they have something valuable to say on this matter or directly to the members of the company mentioned.

# 6 Share information about this group – You can share a group link with other groups in your groups, but this may end up being banned. A safer way is to have an interesting discussion. You can also give your fanpage a link to a group. I think that the most practical and at the same time aesthetics is to create a post using “Magic Link” and in this nice way to share the link (Magic Link – allows full customization of post from graphics to all elements in the content) on other groups converging. At the same time !!! You are building an ideal target audience for your campaign regardless of whether or not people who clicked on this post joined the group or not.

# 7 Post sponsored – Create an ecommerce group PL I made a sponsored post that directed to the group. The first step is to create a post with “Magic Link” to be a link to the website and not within the FB. Then the promotion. On the basis of the results of this campaign, I can say that the most effective was a campaign targeting desktop users and displayed in the right column in the “per 1000 impressions” (CPM) billing model. Good results also had a campaign which was targeted to mobile users but after I optimized it for display only in the evening.

# 8 Notify chat group – Have a chat on the site? Do you talk to people on the messenger? Writes messages to fanapge? Each person who joins this potentially wider range and more people who can join this person. That is why it is worth ending the conversation in the chat room, for example, invites you to like the fanpage or join the group.

# 9 Use mailing – Send to your email clients, this thoughtful mailing campaign effectively speeds up group building on Facebook. You can also use external systems and email databases for that. With external mailing, you will expand the group of people you do not currently have contact with.