Step 1

Log into your FastTony account.



Step 2

Once you are in select Lead Ads section.



Step 3

Next, go to Integration setup.



Step 4

Choose accounts that you want to use.



Step 5

Next go to „Forms, leads, ads” tab.



Step 6

Accept TOS.



Step 7

Here you can add a new form…



Step 8

Name your form.



Step 9

Select what information would you like to collect.



Step 10

Add url to Business Privacy Policy and Form Destination Link.



Step 11

Check your form data.



Step 12

Connect Get Lead Ad to your GetResponse Account.



Step 13

In account menu, choose “Integrations”.



Step 14

Get your Get Response API key.



Step 15

Choose to receive notifications about new leads to your email in 60 sec (optional).



Step 16

… alternatively, you can choose to integrate with your Mailchimp, SMS API or ZOHO CRM account.



Step 17

Create your first Get Lead Advertising.



Step 18

Select your audience, location, gender and age.



Step 19

You can also use Advanced Targeting – Include.



Step 20

You can also use Advanced Targeting – Exclude.



Step 21

Choose your Call to Action button.



Step 22

Choose campaign name, description, image and bids.



Step 22

Save. Your Get Lead Advertisement in now running.