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Facebook Ads Manager Tool
with Automation and Lead Ads Integration

We have created a tool , that brings automation to Facebook campaigns, shares, develops lead ads integration and non-standard post formats. We do it all, so your ads are more effective and your posts are more engaging.

Facebook Ads Manager tool FastTony.es

Weather controlled advertisements

Automatically start and pause your campaigns depending on weather conditions. Advertise gloves when it starts to snow and offer headache medicine when the pressure drops. You’re limited only by your imagination.

  • All types of campaign settlements (CPA, CPM,oCPM, Local Awareness)
  • All post formats: standard, video, Carousel, Lead Ads
  • Any location
  • All conditions ( temperature, pressure, rain, clouds)

40 Facebook Lead Ads Integrations

Our integrations all you to combine Facebook campaigns, with CRM systems, SMS activities or e-mail systems. You can even integrate with all of them at the same time. It means higher sales with less work.

  • E-mail marketing: GetResponse, Freshmail, MailChimp, Active Campaign
  • CRM: ZOHO, BMBY, PipeDrive, My Base
  • ClickMeeting, SalesMANAGO, SMS API
  • Over 40 Lead Ads Integrations
Facebook Lead Ads Integration
Live Reactions

Create Posts On Your Facebook Page

Publish posts and dark posts. Edit photos. Automatically create Carousel formats. Use 40 Call To Action buttons. All without logging in to your fanpage.

  • 14 types of posts
  • 40 CTA buttons
  • Carousel Video, lead ads, panoramic
  • Photo editor

Facebook Remarketing without a line of code

This is the end of engaging programmer to work on your campaign or self-pasting code onto your page. With our plugin, you can run remarketing campaigns and dynamic campaigns for e-commerce in just a few seconds.

  • Remarketing plugin
  • Dynamic product ads plugin
  • Facebook Chat plugin
  • Top fans plugin
Facebook Remarketing and Dynamic Product Ads
Facebook Advanced Lookalike Audience

Facebook Advanced Lookalike Audience

Create Lookalike Audience based on: specific ad sets, conversion data, own fans or even people who view your videos.
Check out the possibilities:

  • Lookalike based on the campaign
  • Lookalike from a conversion pixel
  • Lookalike based on fanpage fans
  • Lookalike based on people who viewed your video

Facebook Ads Automation and Tips

FastTony gives you tips on possible changes and improvements to your campaigns – suggesting the best bid amount or analyzing the target group. Due to automation, your ads will stop, change bids and creation and all of that in line with a predefined scenario

  • Full campaign automation
  • A/B Tests and split tests
  • Suggestions regarding bids and target groups
Facebook Ads Automation and Tips

Facebook Ads Manager Mobile App

Use our mobile app and manage your campaigns on your tablet or smartphone. Receive notifications on all incoming leads, and with just one click call them or send an e-mail. Enable or disable campaigns, change BID size, edit target groups.


All the most important information about your campaign in real time.


Edit the rate of each campaign quickly and efficiently. Respond to ads feedback.


Keep all the statistics and the history of your campaign in your pocket.
Facebook Ads Manager Mobile Android iOS App


Get notifications each time the form is subscribed. Be faster than the competition!


You have many leads from ads? Call right away or mark contact as made.


Secure your campaigns by locking applications using secret code.


Facebook Content Monitoring

Respond only in key situations. Our system will notify you if someone uses defined keywords in the commentary. The system can automatically react to them thanks to assigned rules. The whole operation takes only 20 seconds, and can lead to one of three actions:

  • Automatically hide or delete a post
  • Automatically delete the post and ban the user
  • Automatically reply to a comment or a question
Facebook Content Monitoring
Facebook Live API partner

Go Live with Facebook API Live

Thanks to this technology you can go live in HD and 16:9 proportions. This solution was created for: gamers, trainers, promotional events such as blogger cooperation (unpacking), test drives, real time discounts, encouraging opinion or taking advantage of a special offer. You can choose to host your stream on your own wall, your friends wall, a fanpage or a group (even if you’re not an admin). As the source of sound and image you can choose:

  • Any form of video file ex. Mpg4
  • Shared desktop (perfect for webinars)
  • Up to 16 cameras and sound sources
  • Graphic files, text files, animations etc.


They already use FastTony and gladly recommend it to others.

FastTony is the most important tool, when it comes to new advertising formats and new releases that haven’t appeared yet, but are worth knowing about and using. I highly recommend it, because if you want to be effective you need to be ahead of your competition.
Piotr Chmielewski - Social Media Now
Piotr Chmielewski
FastTony is an amazing tool, that decreased the costs of acquiring our leads by 73%. It saved us 6 working hours per week and increased conversion by 27%. It is most definitely the best tool for advertising in the Facebook ecosystem, that we plan to continue using.
Marek Piasek - Wolves Summit
Marek Piasek
Great tool. After only an hour of using it, I knew this was the best tool for Facebook Ads. I was particularly pleased with MPA Video and Content Manager monitoring functionality. I recommend
Maciej Świerczyński - Network Way
Maciej Świerczyński
Thanks to FastTony I have the ability to use solutions before they are available to everybody. It lets me be a step in front of my competition. Content monitoring and automatic answers to comments has made my work more effective.
Michał Makaruk - PIO
Michał Makaruk
FastTony is a tool that sets the standards for advertising on Facebook. I have no doubt about that, because the intuitiveness and higher effectiveness when comparing to standard tools is visible in our results. I highly recommend this solution for everybody.
Dawid Sasiela - ComboMarketing.pl
Dawid Sasiela
FastTony is a tool that changed my approach towards advertising on Facebook. Better use of Facebook thanks to communication through API, allow to do things I could only dream about before. Now I can create more effective campaigns for myself and my clients.
Maciej Jutrzenka - MaciejJutrzenka.pl
Maciej Jutrzenka
FastTony is a synonym of simplicity and functionality when it comes to Facebook advertising. During training, the client sees how simple making advanced campaigns on Facebook can be and realizes that it can be done cheaper. I recommend this solution to everybody, who wants to become independent from a marketing agency.
Marcin Zych - webimax
Thanks to the formats, that are not available anywhere else, I can create effective campaigns. It’s like paint to a painter, Facebook gives you basic colors, and FastTony allows you to mix colors and create new ones. It gives me the ability to paint some amazing artwork.
Kamil Tyburski - SayOh!
Kamil Tyburski
We see great potential in all the new abilities of FastTony. It’s a tool, that when used by a clever marketer, allows to minimize the cost of additional expenditure on advertising by several times, with unprecedented efficiency and effectiveness.
Dariusz Szpak - OX Media
Dariusz Szpak

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