The power FastTony LEAD ADS – as legally use (DATA) of the client!

Prepared advertisement gave a positive effect: acquired a new customer. What now do to attract the attention of the recipient for a long time?

Knowledge of legal data collection has always been the domain of the “wise person” in the art. We share a new tool with which each brand can legally acquire customer data!

With a clear conscience we put the next step in building an informed community around our company!

Facebook has created a new ad format, whose purpose is not to brand awareness, website clicks or conversion. The idea of ​​moving in only one direction, which we have called Lead Generation. New Lead Ads mainly intended to help entrepreneurs in providing e-mail addresses and phone numbers for people interested in their product or service. Currently, this ad format is designed exclusively for mobile devices, but is working on version on the desktop.
How does it work in practice??


Use of FastTony Lead Ads in integration:

➡ GetResponse,

➡ PipeDrive


causes that generated leads fall directly to the mailing, sms system and your CRM!
In the first step should be to create a form that will substitute a landing page, but located within the website of Facebook (which aptly indicates which direction the Facebook). Interestingly, this item does not arouse any suspicion in users or join a protective barrier –

“WARNING! Here they want something from me”!

In further steps to select questions that you must answer, it leaves us your details.


Importantly, the format is well Leads Ads optimized that all data (email address, phone number, name and surname) are automatically downloaded to the user’s profile. The user responds by prepared earlier hints. It’s a very big convenience for new customer who does not like complications, but only simple solutions.


It is also important selection of the right target group, which we’ll show our advertisement. The precise demographic targeting, behavioral and according to the interests provide a strong page of Facebook, but thanks to FastTony tool we can to target not only in the collection area characteristics, but also for people who have these characteristics in common! This solution makes it even more expanding list of customers who will provide a strong and informed group of our customers!


We are looking for new customer who will be the recipient of our products, which are sports shoes. Prepared specifically for athletes, especially those who prefer jogging and running longer distances. Looking for our advertising customers can choose and to target people who are interested primarily Adidas, Nike, running, outdoor sports. 


Targeting standard (available in the tools Power Editor and Ads Manager) is a group of people who are interested in “this” or “this.”


However, we all know that good customer is one who has different characteristics.
Therefore, a new solution that we called the Advanced targeting. Its specificity lies in the fact that we choose people who are interested in not only the Adidas brand, but also the brand NIKE, running, outdoor sports and, for example, is NOT INTERESTED in smoking!

Is the client is not a good recipient of our product?
The answer is – OF COURSE!

Slide under the text shows considerable differences in the way targeting. It is also significant that the new target group decreased from 10,000,000 to 610,000! This shows that the brand customers are potentially more interested customers, which in turn resulted in                           a suggested price per click. The price is lower!


After preparing LEAD (Facebook landing page) and identifying the target group, we have taken steps to launch a creative advertising campaign. Billing format is a CPM                     with optimization to complete the form.

Here’s how it looks Lead Ads from the user:


It is important that prepared the integration of the system presented in such a way that all contact details are automatically processed and, instead of downloading them after finishing the campaign with the Power Editor, we are informed (by e-mail) of any new the user that correctly filled Lead.


We know that business time is important. Therefore, between completing the form, and receiving an email with customer data, it is only 60 seconds!
At this time we can call the customer when the lead is still very hot. team went a step further and put on full automation!


Immediately after you complete the form data is automatically transmitted to the integrated systems (GetResponse, SMS API, ZOHO CRM), which allows you to fully automate the call, mailing or shipping wholesale text messages.

We are putting this idea, remembering to adjust it to the legal requirements. Therefore, both e-mail addresses, and phone numbers can be confirmed only through a double opt-in (user confirms on mail or phone the desire to write, by clicking the link). In this way everything works in a clear and legal! Operation of the tool is very simple and intuitive for both the business and the customer who does not like complicated procedures, only clear solutions.

When we collect customer data with the described method, we are sure that the recipient is only aware of you interested in our brand. We are credible entrepreneurs. We highlight the fact that we are taking the appropriate steps to optimal development of our company in every direction.

Be a good manager of your company with!